The Danger of Doctor Worship

Thousands are doomed to die in the next years to come from one simple mistake.  That mistake is doctor worship.  What is doctor worship?  Why, it is following the doctor's orders even if he tells you to jump off a bridge. While he won't tell you to jump off a bridge literally,  he may recommend mammograms yearly for women, chemotherapy for cancer patients and vaccines for children.  These prescriptions alone are worse if not the same as prescribing suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Never in the history of mankind has there been one problem that killed thousands of people in a relatively short time, as is the death by doctor worship.   The doctor worship syndrome will get you to listen and make rash decisions in a relatively short time that normally you would never do.  Your doctor will tell you this is your last chance, that you will die if you don't do this and he will tell you that he is the one person who cares.  While we use the general word he, doctors can be male or female.

Dr. Johannah Budwig talked about the Doctor Worship Syndrome also.  The fear of death will make many follow doctor instructions to the fullest and ignore everyone else.  It is deadly and it just may be the last mistake you make.

Why is there Such a Syndrome as Doctor Worship?

Not all doctors fall into this category. There are some doctors who are ethical, but few.  Doctors receive kickbacks each time you go to the pharmacy and turn in their prescriptions.  They can buy an new Mercedes when you agree to have chemotherapy, but you must have 4 sessions before they are paid.  So even if you are on your death bed, they will recommend this therapy. 

If you would just read on the side effects of chemotherapy, no one in their right mind would go this route.  But the doctor will tell you that you are going to die and he is here to help you.  Your family will then plead and even fight with you over following the doctor's advice, because he has a big fancy office and leather chairs.

Family Worship Syndrome the Next Worse Disease

I know you are all shaking your heads now, saying "Yes, yes!"  I have had friends who told me after their father died of lung cancer, "They just tortured my father to death."  Yes, and it was too late then as you just buried your father.

Your father protested and he cried that he did not want to have chemotherapy, but you too are a victim of the doctor worship syndrome.  You do not want your father to die and you must follow their advice. So you force your father to listen.

When do People Follow Alternative Help?

Normally when the person is in stage IV cancer and they have been given a few months to live, you will finally realize that worshiping the doctor did not pan out and you must look for another alternative.  You search high and low and find one protocol you like and by the time the herbs or protocol gets to your home it is too late.  Then you will broadcast that alternative remedies don't work.  No, they work fine, it is the people who waited too late and worshipped doctors and family.  The dying father looks at you and you bow your head and tell him, "Oh daddy, this was God's desire."  Daddy dies and you pray.

Making rash decisions is never the right way to treat any disease.  Careful research and guidance is the way to go. There are more than 400 alternative cures for cancer.  You have a choice.  Chemotherapy has a 2.1% cure rate over 5 years and most patients will get secondary cancers. 

Cancer is not a death sentence, you had a choice.  So before you worship your doctor or make mistakes, look carefully at what may actually save your father's life.