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2017 Nigella Sativa Supplement Guide - Best Buys

Nigella Sativa Supplement Guide

Nigella Sativa supplement is loaded with thousands of health benefits and offer protection against almost all kinds of diseases. Due to its miraculous power of healing, it is ranked among the top supplements in the medical industry and known as ‘cure for all diseases’.

From minor headaches to skin irritations, preventing cancer to treating diabetes, one can buy Nigella Sativa Supplement and use it as a powerful healing agent without any risk.

What is Nigella Sativa?

It is a delicate flowering plant from the family of Ranunculaceae with five to ten petals. Its seeds, also known as ‘black seeds’, are a flavorful food additive and have been prized for their unbelievable healing properties. 

These seeds have numerous exceptional components like carotene, thymoquinone, amino acids, phytosterols, essential fatty acids, and minerals which are required for new cell growth, immune boosting, preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol levels, treating joint pains, and improving overall health, hair, and skin.

The black seeds of this plant have been used in food and cooking preparations for more than 2000 years too in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Western Asia. Despite centuries of use, if we say it is still not under the radar of mainstream conventional medicine industry, it would be 100% right. However, researches and the published results from the scientists are compelling the medical industry to ponder it as an effective, alternative, & natural medicine.

Health Benefits

The author of ‘Canon of Medicine’, Ibn Sina, realized the benefits of Nigella Sativa; he complimented this herb, and promoted it for a range of ailments in the eleventh century. Today, the advanced medical research is validating the claims of Ibn Sina and revealing that this seed has remarkable health benefits, especially because of it antioxidant properties.

For example, the current advancements show that it is effective against different types of cancers, such as pancreatic, colon, prostate, breast, brain, and etc. It is a ray of hope for all those who have been diagnosed with cancer and believe that life has pushed them to the point of total despair. In 2011, the two separates studies of Chinese scientists and Saudi Arabian scientists reconfirmed that the thymoquinone component of Nigella Sativa has the ability to treat cancer; it is safe and natural. Though, scientists are still a tad unsure about the exact molecular mechanisms behind its anti-cancer role, but some studies give them the idea that it improves overall body’s defense system to treat different types of cancer. 

Now, the question is how exactly it improves body’s defense system against cancer.

Well, it induces ‘Apoptosis’.

It’s a process in which black seed oil compels the body to systematically eradicate old, unneeded, and destructive cells (like cancer cells) without releasing toxins into the body.

Nigella Sativa Scientific Studies

An article, “A Review on Therapeutic Potential of Nigella Sativa: Miracle Herb”, published in the APJTB, highlighted the pharmacological action of the black seed and disclosed that extensive studies by different professional scientists from all walks of life established that there are probably only a few ailments in the world which this seed cannot help heal.

Reduce Weight

If you’re planning to lose weight within three months, count on Nigella Sativa supplement. In a scientific study, it has been confirmed that in obese men, 1.5g Nigella Sativa seeds twice daily reduced body weight and improved overall health. In addition, it eradicated complaints like weakness, laziness, forgetfulness, & high appetite too.

Treat Pain… 

In Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, it is a gift for treating different kinds of chronic pains. People use its oil as a topical treatment for treating painful and achy spots in the muscles, and especially for the stiffness of joints; they massage the spot for a few minutes to ease the pain… It is effective in treating Fibromyalgia pain symptoms too.

Prevent Cancer

Researchers at Kimmel Cancer Centre at Jefferson in Philadelphia discovered that the black seed oil not only blocks cancer cell growth, but also kills them in a programmed cell death process. There are thousands of researches on its cancer related properties and all researches indicate that it has a great mechanism that prevents cancer.

Cure Diabetes

Struggling with diabetes? You are in luck! Because, the Indian Council of Medical Research found that it benefits both Type I and Type II diabetes. According to them, it causes partial regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells, decreases the elevated serum glucose, and increases lowered serum insulin concentrations. In fact, in Jordan, there was a survey on 310 diabetic patients and 7.3% of them used black seeds for curing diabetes.

All in all, there are more scientific studies on the Nigella Sativa supplement benefits than you can imagine. The more you research on it, the more it paralyzes you with surprise.

What to Look for Before Buying Nigella Sativa Supplement?

There are a few important factors that you must consider…

“Slow Cold Pressed!” You will read this term a lot in almost every supplement. Therefore, it’s pertinent to understand it. A slow cold pressed means the company or the manufacturer didn’t use heat in the extraction, since black seeds have different components and the mixture of them provides healing properties. 

The heat evaporates some important substances and diminishes its quality. Furthermore, the use of over 80 degree Celsius can also inject a bitter taste in it… The term ‘Slow Cold Pressed’ can be said in different terms too. For example, some manufacturers define it as ‘4:1 water extraction of the seeds only’.

Next, make sure it is pure oil. It should be 100% pressed oil of Nigella Sativa seeds and free from any additive; some companies use different chemicals in the extraction process in order to extract more oil from the seeds which does not preserve the oil’s natural integrity.

Concluding Thoughts

Today, Nigella Sativa Supplement is available online from different reputable companies, such as, Iherb, Starwest Botanicals. 

 In case it is your first time and don’t know about its intake, one capsule per day can be enough if you have immune or general health problems; if you are planning to purchase the oil and want to take it orally, you can mix it with juicer or honey and take it 1/2 hour before breakfast.

For a complete list of dosage recommendations, read this article.


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