Natural Remedy for Advanced Gum Disease.

I wanted to sharing a healing experience I recently had -- only because I think maybe you might be interested and maybe it could help someone else in the future.  I reversed my advanced gum disease with only herbs.  After the first evaluation on July 11, my dentist recommended laser gum surgery.  I said I wanted to try herbs first.  He said we could re-evaluate the disease in three months.  This report shows the improvement.  (The second time, he measured only pocket depth, not recession, and presumed that the recession was unchanged.)

I applied topically a paste made of Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone Powder (herb blend) and Dr. Christopher's X-Ceptic herbal extract.  That gave these results.  I had no medical/dental treatment.  I learned this from

I am now continuing, but using a paste of the Complete Tissue and Bone Powder and slippery elm powder and water.  The slippery elm powder gives a thick consistency so the paste stays in place better than with the first method.


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