Radioprotective Effects Of Black Cumin Seed Oil

Radiation therapy is one of the most common treatment modalities used today against tumors and various cancers. The effectiveness of radiation therapy relies on the creation of ionizing radiation derivatives or free radicals, which induce significant DNA damage in malignant cells, thereby causing their demise.  

While this is significantly beneficial for the eradication of the unwanted cellular reproduction caused by cancer, the radiation-induced cellular damage is not limited to the infected cells. The DNA strands and the cellular membrane lipids of normal and healthy cells are also destroyed during the course of radiotherapy, leading to super fluousand harsh repercussions. 

The free radicals produced during radiotherapy, such as, hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, superoxide, and other ROS lead to the decomposition of lipids, proteins, cell membranes, as well as, the breakdown and inactivation of enzymes and cell DNA, ultimately causing overall oxidation stress. 

The same free radicals are also produced in the wake of nuclear or chemical weapon attacks, inducing similar damage in the body.

TQ, or Thymoquinone, present in abundance in black seed oil and volatile extracts, has the ability to scavenge and hunt the free radicals in the body, effectively targeting and eradicating them. 

This prevents the normal cells from radiation exposure, as well as, subsequent radiation induced damage. Furthermore, the antioxidant property and the quick removal of the free radicals lead to improved radio recovery.

Studies indicate that it is the neutralizing property of TQ in Nigella sativa which relieves oxidative stresses and increases its radio protective efficacy.   

In one particularly defining study, it was determined that approximately 150 mg/kg weight of Nigella sativa extract proved to be the optimum dose for significantly reducing radiation induced cellular mortality,as well as,improving species survival rates. 

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