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I was reading a wonderful article on the Hindu Times about anti-aging. It said anti-aging tips that can help you reduce wrinkles and sagging skin and return elasticity to your face. I thought well that's something I got to read.

It was all about diet and replacing that with herbs. The gist of the article is that sugar is what causes anti-aging.

The sugar attaches to the collagen fibers in your body and reduces strength and elasticity. Which causes wrinkles, sagging skin, signs of aging.The secret is cut out the sugar.

We want you to go on a natural diet. Nothing processed and nothing in can. Everything what is good for you.

Let's follow the Mediterranean diet, healthy fats, seeds, nuts, avocados, beans, squash. Let's eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Olive oil is very good also.

Now the Hindu Times said the herbs that are best to prevent anti-aging, what are they going to say? Black cumin in your food. Ginger, cinnamon, black pepper.

All these things are really good. Fenugreek, holy basil add these herbs to your food to help with anti-aging.

What else is good for anti-aging? I got to researching, there's some really, really simple protocols. The Chinese anti-aging secrets as they call them.

One of the things is rice water. Take a half a cup to a cup of rice, rinse it well, put it in the little bowl, pour water over it, warm water, let it sit for 15 minutes while all the vitamins and everything seep into the water. Strain the rice and wash your face with this rice water. This is what Chinese do and how they stay so young.

What else did they suggest? That you use camellia oil after you wash your face with rice water. Now I looked on Amazon, there's a lot of camellia oil there, you know.

Now do you have acne? Let's make some mung beans. You know I never heard of mung beans till I come to Jordan but they're here. Mung beans and we're going to cook those and then we're going to mash those up with some yogurt. Apply that to your skin a half hour later after the mask is done, wash it off really great. For wrinkles also.

What else did they suggest? How about some oyster shell powder with one egg yolk and a tablespoon of honey. Make a mask put that on your face.

What else did they suggest? Green tea. Green tea not only helps with losing weight it's really good for anti aging. The Hindu article also mentioned green tea.

Now the other things that the Chinese do is they massage their face, you know. They use what they call a jade roller, interesting huh? Interesting.

There is a turmeric face mask that is really good for evening out the tones and getting rid of wrinkles. That's one tablespoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of almond milk. Really good. Mix it all up, put it on your face, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off.

What else is good? Goji berry tea. Get some goji berries, put it in some hot water, make some tea with it and then eat the berries later. What else is goji berries good for? Raising your PH.

Now there's some other things that I found that are really good. My cats are over here fighting. See that. This is Mimi who got hurt. She got in a fight with Miss Tamara, so she's feeling much better today.

Okay, what else is good is ionic silver. If you put a little bit of ionic silver in an inhaler and put your face mask on this will give you really fresh skin. 

Hyaluronic acid really, really good for the face. Hyaluronic Acid with vitamin C. Now the Hindu article was talking about how vitamin C was really good for ant-aging, this is a lot in your berries.

When you take the hyaluronic acid, you want to add this with some vitamin c. Make sure when you're getting vitamin c, that you're getting one that does not have any aspartame in it and no sweeteners.  

You want something that is a good brand. I like the Sol-Ray brand, that is a really good one.

So many nice things and simple things that you can do for anti aging. As we all know black cumin is really good for anti aging. I am 65 years old. Boy do I feel old sometimes.

I got birthday coming up in just a few days and I tell you ... I told my sister I'm not having anymore birthdays,

Social security sent me a letter that I now qualify for Medicare. I got mad and tore up the letter.

Okay guys, now I'm having a transcription company transcribe this whole video. Look down in the description you're going to see all my recipes and remedies in the description.

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