Do You Have Fibromyalgia?

Good evening everyone, welcome to my world. This is Sam in Jordan. It is 9.29 PM, and I've got some really wonderful information for you for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

I've talked about this before as I had a series of articles done on Fibromyalgia. My sister has suffered with fibromyalgia for years. She's been bedridden and in horrible pain and I, for one, did not really understand what she's going on.

For about a year, she's been telling me that, "I have fibromyalgia. I have a severe compressed nerve in my back and lately, it's been really bad.

The last shipping I did of products just did me in. I had some back trauma." She sent me a video yesterday on these two doctors that have a really good clinic that treat people with fibromyalgia.

One doctor has reversed all his symptoms. As I listened to the video, I said, "Oh my God. That is me." How the doctor talked about what could happen, a childhood trauma, stress, fatigue, pains.

He said sometimes you'll wake up and you'll sit there for 30 minutes trying to get out of bed, insomnia, bowel problems. I said, "I have fibromyalgia." Does it run in families? Is it hereditary? Some of the things that they found was, number one, comes from Epstein-Barr. I have Epstein.

It's also attributed to thyroid disease and Hashimoto's. Thyroid disease runs in my family. I don't think I have thyroid disease, but everyone in my family is taking medicine.

There was just a lot of connecting dots. I started researching. My sister is on a gluten-free diet now which is helping her a lot, so she doesn't eat bread. I sent her a bunch of packages from iHerb to make gluten-free bread with.

You have to give up dairy, you can't have onions and garlic. Garlic is not on Dr. Sebi's plants anyway. You have to give up beans too.

They don't want you to have beans, but you can have chickpea flour. It doesn't make sense, right? I wanted to know what Dr. Sebi said about fibromyalgia. I went to Zee Malachi's website, the Dr. Sebi's advocates. Zee, if you're listening to this, you really need to put up something on fibromyalgia.

Thousand and thousands of sufferers in the US alone. I went to the alkaline recipe groups looking to help people or curing fibromyalgia the Dr. Sebi way. You know what I found?

Sea moss was the number one thing they mentioned. Sticking to the alkaline diet, it helped a lot of people. One woman said she's 90% cured and she has the tea with elderberry, sarsaparilla,
dandelion, and burdock. She has coconut daily and she eats foods high in magnesium.

Sounds simple enough, right? Nobody mentioned any herbs. Now, there was one woman that cured her fibro. This was not a Dr. Sebi  She cured Fibro, ulcerated colitis, IBS, allergies, depression and TMJ.

What did she do? She went on a raw vegan diet, raw vegan diet. She said after five days alone, she was better than she had been in years. She continued on the raw food diet and was able to cure all those diseases I mentioned.

What else do we know about fibromyalgia? We know that vitamin D3 helps. Yes. You need to get some vitamin D3. We know that ionic silver helps also. That's been reported and stuff.

There's many herbs that some are saying that works. That you can decide if you want to. One of them is, Curcumin and vitamin C. They talked about the immune system and the gut.

I, personally, take Immune-Assist. It's made from mushrooms, completely approved by Dr. Sebi plant.

Buy here:

Immune-Assist, this is really, really good. As for the ionic silver. I get it in the spray. I sprayed the ionic silver under my tongue 3 or 4 times under my tongue and swallow it down.

Lot of really good things and they all suggest magnesium citrate.
I'm a big believer that if you went on a Dr. Sebi alkaline diet and took in the Bromide mix. If you did no more than taking the Bromide mix which has the Sea Moss in it and the bladderwrack, this is what you would need.

Ingredients for the bromide plus mix:

Now, fasting is always suggested and one man said, "Fast as long as you can."

Hope you enjoyed the video today. For people with fibromyalgia, if you've been cured by Dr. Sebi post below. If you haven't subscribed, subscribe too. Thank you for following. Bye-bye.

You can read my article on Fibromyalgia and Nigella Sativa here:

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