Be Aware of Deceptive Bottle Instructions by Deceptive Companies

It has come to my attention that many companies know nothing about Nigella sativa (black cumin, black seeds). To protect theirself, these companies are advising people to take black cumin on a full stomach as this is the way most medicines are taken. IDIOTS!!!

One such company is The Kitchen Doctor.  My mother received medicine from this company with explicit instructions to take the medicine 3 times a day with food.  Regardless of medical condition, take 3 times a day with food, IDIOTS!!!

Now as we know here, one capsule is sufficient to maintain good health.  If you have cancer then 3 capsules a day, but again this is deceptive advertising to get you to take more and thus order more bottles.  I told my mother to take 2 capsules on an empty stomach, but she was afraid the company knew more than me, DAAAA!

So sure enough my mom got sick with a tummy ache.  I contacted the company and wanted to see why.  I got a very smart ellic reply and then the IDIOTS blocked my email.  I guess asking for help with stomach aches upset them. IDIOTS!!!!

So of course I promptly banned them from all my lists of reputable companies.  Then yesterday on a forum I frequent one of the health specialist was talking about this.  He stated that this is common practice with many companies as they are not versed in how to take medicines or supplements properly.  A company may know how to produce the oil for profit, but knows little about how to take the medicine properly. DAAAA! IDIOTS!!

So as I am feeling a little goofy and a little disgusted today, just wanted to tell you to beware of deceptive instructions on bottles of supplements.  Make sure you know what you are taking and the side effects involved.

Black Cumin the Best Choice for Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure solutions may amount to a simple capsule called Black Cumin.  If you have ever looked for a solution to help you avoid any complications from radiation exposure, then Nigella sativa should be top on your list.

With the recent problems in Japan many are told to take iodine or kelp, but iodine comes with many side effects.  I recently inquired about iodine for my mom and son and found out that anyone taking pharmaceutical medicines could not take iodine except under guarded conditions which are monitored by a physician.  My mom has recent heart problems and my son is currently experiencing eye problems and will have his second surgery in two weeks.

When I checked with a man who sells high grade iodine, he suggested that I look for another alternative.  Iodine is only good for the thyroid, so what happens to those who have multiple problems and a history of cancer, like my son.  My son had stomach cancer a few years ago.

The more I read, the more I decided that black cumin was my best choice.  Read this information on radiation and black cumin:

Immune System Benefits

There is convincing scientific evidence stating that the consumption of black cumin seeds can have benefits for the immune system. A study performed by M.E. Assayed for the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Menoufiya University-Sadat City Branch in Egypt evaluated the use of black cumin seeds on the immune system of study subjects who were exposed to gamma radiation. 

The results of the study revealed that study subjects who were administered black seed oil orally encountered fewer immune system disorders as a result of the radiation exposure than study subjects who were left untreated. The results of this study indicate the oils from black cumin seeds offer immune system protection from radiation exposure.

Read more:

Once you build up the immune system with black cumin oil you are able to handle the problems of gamma radiation exposure, in most cases.  Needless to say there will always be someone who does not fit the mold.

So for me I ordered the black cumin capsules for my mom and son.  Black cumin protects the whole body not just the thyroid.


Can You Take Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) with Pharmaceutical Medicine?

You will notice in my writings and in my book (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Black Cumin and More), that I state pharmaceutical medicine and black cumin should not be combined. 

The reason I state this is so you follow the treatment as prescribed by Prophet Mohammad.  When anyone begins the treatment for black cumin and is hoping for a miracle, then following the way of the prophetic medicine is suggested and recommended.

You can however take the two together and there to this date is no known side effects.  If you are currently taking medicine which your doctor feels is imperative and life threatening then do not give up this medicine until your condition improves.  I personally do not believe in medicine and I believe in faith healings so I do not go to doctors for treatments.

However if my cat is sick, I rush her to the doc, lol. I have seen the miracle of black cumin and I have seen its power and I believe with all my heart in Allah's healing.  I also take black cumin daily so my immune system is in good shape.  By taking black cumin daily you will have the vitamins and nutrients to make you strong and help you fight and all diseases.

Every day there is another story of survival.  I recently read a story or testimony.  I do not agree with his philosophy not to heat the seeds, but instead to take an antacid but his story of survival is inspiring.  Here is what he writes:

In 1998, Nigella Sativa was tested by me on bronchial asthma. I wrote the Hadith(Hadis-i Şerif) above and I started to use it for treating myself. There was an exploration of alternative treatments, though I could not see sufficient benefits. However, after determining by referral how to use it on my family, and after the first clinic in the radiology and imaging examination, I performed the treatments on all chronic patients and those in search of cancer cures.

The number of clinical trials is up to about 4000. In the treatment of different cancers, approximately 300 people were monitored and studied on a regular basis. Almost all have experienced positive results in various measures. The patients varied in ages between 1.5 and 73 years old.
Foreign journals have published articles on the side effects of Nigella Sativa based on different diseases. In these publications, the immune system in both animal and human cellular make-up (such as the activation of T-helper) as well as emunctory (antibodies, etc.), the levels of all balanced elements (immunmodülatör and immunstimulan) have been shown to increase.
Depending on the study, no side effects were reported by the patients. Of interest, the positive effect of Nigella Satuvanum is not considered an alternative form of treatment, but mainstream, especially when it is recommended that patients do not disrupt the course of their treatments.
Treatments must often be applied for a lifetime in the presence of chronic illness. In these patients, who were treated with Nigella Sativa, the complaints of symptoms were monitored. Changes in the doses of the drug were recommended under medical supervision. 

In cancer patients treated with this Nigella Sativa, the prognosis is particularly more beneficial than for those with hypertension and diabetes. In patients with these latter conditions, even with medications, benefits were not noticed. In general for the cancer patients, however, problems with the quality of life were no longer reported.
In order to understand the impact of Nigella Sativa on the shape of the disease over a longer period of time, laboratory results showed that more patients were needed for the study. When we have patients using Nigella Sativa in regular treatment protocols and strategies, the grand scale of experience for physicians and clinicians with research will be possible.
Another major point that should not be ignored is how the influencial effects of the drug are different from individual to individual. This is supported by the results of earlier laboratory and clinical medical research with patients that were admitted to our long-term study were positively recommended on the basis of the study.