Woman Cures Migraines After Taking Black Cumin Oil for 2 Days

This is the story of my little sister.  For years and years and years she has suffered with the worse migraine and cluster headaches you can imagine.  Over and over again she would get these pounding headaches so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital many times trying to survive.

They had to mix a huge cocktail of pharmaceutical medicines trying to relieve her pressure and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. In the last few months, the headaches came more often and everything they tried failed.

Many migraine medicines become addictive and some who have continual headaches find out that they are more prone for headaches.  Finally in desperation and with approval of her insurance company, she decided to do botox.  Botox has been found to help relieve migraines, but comes with many side effects.  She went through multiple injections, more painful than the headaches itself only to have that fail also.

In shear desperation, she finally agreed to listen to her big sister's advice about black cumin oil.  At first I debated about the amount of pharmaceuticals she was on to see if it was dangerous at all, but from my research discovered that there was no side effects to be worried about, we ordered the products.

Black Seeds from Amazon

The first thing I did for her was to order 1 pound of black seeds for her from Amazon.  They are called Indus black seeds.

Order Black Seeds Here
Once she received the seeds, I had her take 1 cup of the black seeds and heat them properly.  Please Read: How to Heat Black Seeds

She then ground them and took 1 teaspoon a day.  The preferable way to take them is with raw honey before sleeping and then 1 teaspoon of the black seed  Oil 1/2 hour before breakfast with the juice of one orange for energy or with raw honey. Do not use processed honey.

What Happens if You feel the Slightest Tingle of a Headache

On day 5 she felt the slightest tingle of a headache and she ran for the black seed oil and it stopped it dead in its track.  If you should get a headache rub the oil on the temples, top of your head and a dab in each nostril.


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